Instructions for submitting documents

You must submit your material in the form of articles that can be added here (much like it's done on There are only a few main guidelines to follow:

1) You cannot submit an article that covers more than one e-Card series. For example, if you want to submit material for the NES series and the Pokémon-e cards, you'll have to write at least two different articles.

2) You must contact me with your intention to write an article BEFORE starting to work on it. If someone else is working on a similar article on the same subject as yours, I'll let you know, and perhaps you and this other person can compare notes, and maybe even deliver a single unified article. You may also choose to ignore other people's work, and in that case, all submitted articles on the same subject will be added here without restriction.

3) You must submit each article as a plain text file. MS-Word documents, RTF files, PDF files, and all other file formats will be immediately rejected. (Don't say I didn't warn you!) I will convert your text file in HTML myself before adding it to this section.

4) If you have the equipment necessary to take your own screenshots (namely a Game Cube, a Game Boy Player and a video-capture device) you can include such screenshots with your article, and I will integrate them while I'm converting your article into HTML.

5) Your e-mail address MUST appear somewhere in your article, so that people with additional information can contact you. Of course, you can add this new information to your article if you wish, and resubmit your updated article to me. For that reason, it is highly recommended to keep a copy of your original document (in plain text format) just in case you update it in the future.

6) You are allowed to submit incomplete documents, if you are unable to complete them without the contribution of other people. As stated above, you can send me updates later.

7) You are NOT allowed to submit documents taken from other web sites and/or written by other people. The documents you submit must be your own. (Also, please don't send me links to documents on other web sites, because I will not contact the owners of these sites for permission to use their documents. If they want to see their documents in the Software Catalog section, they will have to submit their material themselves.)

If you have any questions, let me know.

Just in case you're wondering, here are a few particular subjects I'd like to see covered in this section: