Beat the Beat!

Submitted by: Jonathan Breeden

City: Alcoa, TN

Date: September 28th 2003


It is the night before your senior prom, but you don't know how to dance! It is a good thing that your friend lent you some tapes to practice with.

When the number lights up move your arm to the number within two seconds or you miss, you know the deal, miss three times and you're up!

When you get to 500 points a miss goes away, looks like you are getting to be a better dancer! When you get past 2000 points you no longer get the bonus of getting a miss taken away, but why would you need it? You've already gotten to 2000 points it seems that you are pretty good! You get two points every time you match the arm to the number. You get an extra twenty points for every 100 points you get.

Sounds easy enough, but I wish dancin' was really this easy!


D-Left : Not used
D-Up : Move left arm up
D-Right : Not used
D-Down : Move left arm down

A Button : Not used
B Button : Move right arm down
L Button : Not used
R Button : Move right arm up

Start Button : Pause
Select Button : Not used


(All sprites turned on)