Zap 'em!

Submitted by: Jonathan Breeden

City: Alcoa, TN

Date: August 6th 2003


Your are your planet's only hope of survival, so that means you better do your job and do it good! You are the spaceship in the middle and you need to shoot the Soldats, to end the insanity. It is a good thing that the Soldats are slow because you'll need to use some strategy to defeat them. The Soldats may not be smart but they are powerful, and the only way they ever managed to build any thing powerful enough to damage your turret is beyond me, you become damaged when a bullet hits your gun turret, not you!

The Soldats are worth 5 points each and every 20 Soldats you destroy you get a 30 point bonus. Your gun turret can survive three shots before you lose a life, but you can get another life for every 200 points that you get. There are two versions of Zap 'em, Game A is easy and you only have one turret but the game gets faster when you have more points, and Game B is hard because you get two turrets to mind and the game gets faster when you have more points.

Game A controls: Game B controls:


(All sprites turned on)

(Game A)

(Game A)

(Game B)