Fly Away!

Submitted by: Jonathan Breeden

City: Alcoa, TN

Date: July 16th 2003


Oh no! Mack the fly is hungry! He hasn't had anything to eat all day, but just his luck someone left out a piece of cake! But the problem is they have just sprayed bug spray and it is still lingering around. Guide Mack to the piece of cake without getting hit by a cloud of bug spray, get hit twice and lose a life, lose four lives and Game Over!

Watch out because the clouds move at different speeds. Speeds vary by level and how many points you have. Get points by getting to the piece of cake and by dodging a cloud of bug spray. Every time you get to the cake you get seventeen points and every time you get past a cloud of bug spray you get two points.

Use the down button on the D-pad or the A button to move down, use the up button to go back up. L, B, R, Left, Right, and select are not used.


(All sprites turned on)