Rock and Roll

Submitted by: Daniel Chan

City: Brooklyn, NY

Date: July 7th 2003


The ball is lost in the middle of a deserted mountain. It needs to get home to the east but there are many rocks in the way. It's your job to guide the ball back to the east and dodge rocks, which will crush your ball!

To dodge the rocks, the ball has to use the D-pad to move up and down only. It does not move left or right, only up and down.

The rocks move in a straight line, from right to left, coming toward the ball. To advance to the next level, succesfully dodge all the rocks. When the ball is hit by a rock, one of his lives vanishes and his bar automatically empties itself.

The bar on top, consisting of 5 squares, represents a special power bar. When the power bar is filled, you press the A button and any rocks in the path of the ball is destroyed and vanishes from the screen.

To fill the bar, you must successfully dodge 5 rocks in a row. When the power is used, the bar depletes and must be filled up again before being able to use the special power again.

The 'Game Over' sign is lit when you lose all three of the ball's lives. When the 'Game Over' sign is lit, you must press Start to retry the game. The B button, R button, L button, and the Select button are not used at all in the game.


(All sprites turned on)