Car vs. Tanks

Submitted by: Ronald C. (last name witheld on request)

City: New City, NY

Date: August 16th 2003


You're a car that just entered a brigade of tanks. Will you survive?

The control pad moves the car up, down, left and right. Start pauses the game. Other buttons are not used in this game. If the last movement of the car was left or right, then the car is horizontal. If the last movement of the car was up or down, then the car is vertical. Tanks will start coming in from the bottom, and will continue to do so for 60 seconds. After that, the level ends when all tanks are eliminated. The next level will contain more numerous cars moving at faster speeds.

Tanks constantly move northwest at a constant speed. After it is on the top row, it moves back to the space it started on. For example, a tank on the bottom left corner will stay on the same space. A tank that starts on the second space from the left would move northwest once, and then revert back to its original position.

On each tank is a number ranging from "0" through "9". Tanks that initially appear are randomly given a number from "6" through "9". Every time it moves, its number decreases by one. After the number is "0", it will become "5" at its next turn. The tanks are only destructable when it has the number "0" or "1" on them. Then, the car can run over the tank. However, if the tank runs over the car, the car will lose a life regardless of the tank's number. You get 50 points for destroying a car with a "1" on it, and 60 points for destroying a tank with a "0" on it. Of course, the idea is to anticipate tanks having "0" or "1" on them.

You get three lives, and you lose one if you are run over by a tank, or run into a tank with a number other than "0" or "1". After that, the game pauses for one second, where the car flashes. Then, the level starts over. Of course, this is not the case if the last life is lost, and "GAME OVER" will flash.


(All sprites turned on)