Crook's Crazyness

Submitted by: Ronald C. (last name witheld on request)

City: New City, NY

Date: August 13th 2003


You're an infamous crook that just robbed the biggest bank in America. What do you do? Go to sleep, of course! You're exhausted. As you fall asleep, a dream occurs. This one is very peculiar, because you are in two universes at once! In one, you are battling zombies in the middle of fog. In the other, you are avoiding flames from burning you. Will you survive this dream?


The control pad moves the crook. The A or B button makes the crook punch. Holding down the L or R button makes the game go to the second screen; once it is let go, it is reverted back to the first screen. The start button pauses the game.

The object of the game is to stay alive. Zombies and flames march from right to left on the first and second screens, respectively. The crook can defeat zombies with one punch, but flames cannot be destroyed. The crook cannot do movement on one screen that is independent of the other screen; that means that whenever the crook moves in one direction on one screen, he moves in that corresponding direction on the other screen. Also, when he punches on one screen, he punches on the other, although punching is useless on the second screen. Remember to check out the second screen every once in a while to anticipate flames. However, the majority of the gameplay is on the first screen, as the zombies are more numerous, and can move sideways, as opposed to flames, which constantly move forward. Also, you have the aid of the "ALERT" sign, which flashes when the crook is right in front of a flame on the second screen.

When a zombie or flame crosses through the path of the crook, the crook loses a life. The "DEAD" sign pops up, and assuming that the crook has not used up all three lives, he flashes for three seconds. During this time period, the crook is invincible. After the crook stops flashing, the "DEAD" sign turns off. After all three lives are lost, the game is over. After a wave of zombies and flames has passed, the level ends. A new level then begins, which has a larger quantity of zombies and flames. Also, the zombies move faster; however, flames stay the same speed.

Twenty points are given for each zombie killed. If the crook does not die for the duration of a level, a bonus of (level number x 50) points is given. If the "ALERT" sign did not flash during that level, then that bonus is quadrupled.


(All sprites turned on)