Clumsy Waiter

Submitted by: Darrin Thompson

City: Medicine Hat (Alberta)

Date: September 25th 2003


Picture this. You work at your local burger joint, Darnoburger. This isn't just any Darnoburger, mind you; this is the biggest store operating in Canada. This store has everything, carpets, waiters, and the food has only one half the normal amount of grease, while still maintaining the delicious flavour.

Today you came into work bright and early, ready for the new day. Totally unaware that your feeling of joy would soon change. After a relatively slow morning, your worst nightmare comes to life. Four buses, that's right, four of them, pull into the parking lot, and a stream of kids flow out of the busses and into the store. Soon everyone is seated and waiting for their hamburgers and milkshakes. You quickly load up a tray with the hamburgers and head out to serve the people.

Now even the best waiter in the world wouldn't try what you did, especially someone like you, who had just started a week ago, but under the pressure to get everyone their food in a fast enough time, you load up all 463 hamburgers (individually wrapped for your convenience) onto your one plastic tray. Yes, it is a big tray, and you really know how to stack those burgers.

You start the walk to the tables, and everything seems fine so far. But, with your mind focused on the tower of meat and other assorted toppings, you neglected to see the banana peel lying on the ground.

And that's right: Foot + Banana peel = Wipeout.

You know how the cooks will react if they have to cook the meals again, and you also know that if you want a good tip, you'll get the customers their food now. You rush to your feet, and begin the task of saving the falling hamburgers, and also saving your job.



Instead of the usual number of lives, there is a Tip meter built in this game. For every Burger you miss, you lose $0.25, and for every consecutive burger you miss after that you lose an additional $0.25 times the number of burgers lost in a row.

Examples: The game is over when your tip meter is down to $0.00.


For every burger caught you get 10 points. If you manage to catch the special flashing burger (all it does is flash really fast, and fall at a faster speed) you get 100 points. After every 2000 points you move up a level. There are 20 levels, and each one moves at a progressively faster speed. The 20th level is the final one, and your score just keeps adding up at that point, and the game speed stops moving up.


(All sprites turned on)