Bungalow's Knifedodging Madness

Submitted by: Jean-Philippe Larivière

City: Longueuil, Quebec

Date: September 28th 2003


The Great Longueuil School of Ninjitsu's purpose is to help ninjas-in-the-making realize their full potential. In Bungalow's case, the future is quite bright. Instead of living a life of debauchery, like the vast majority of his classmates do, he always stays focused on the task at hand. This has helped him garner the reputation of the school's most promising (and sober...and lonely) student. Not one to rest on his laurels, Bungalow has accepted Master Wong-Wing's supreme challenge. Indeed, in the School's quest to stop the nefarious Trimafia, led by the notoriously demented Black Knife, they have decided to select one individual among the ninja elite to infiltrate the Trimafia headquarters and assassinate the Black Knife once and for all. There is no other choice, for he has bribed the so-called "agents of the law" into letting him continue his evil deeds. Nevertheless, the chosen one has yet to be determined. A series of excruciatingly dangerous challenges await the hopefully greatest ninja of all time. Among these is the mastery of the treacherous knifedodging technique, taught by the best, to the best, for hundreds of generations. Now, the time has come for Bungalow to prove that he has what it takes to take on the dreaded Trimafia.


(See second screenshot) The object of the game is to stay alive as long as possible, avoiding the deceiving arrow-looking-knifes-of-doom-from-hell. Fortunately, Bungalow's sixth sense helps him know when said knifes will be launched in his direction. Furthermore, something flies over his head from time to time. It's a bird, it's a plane, it's... a bird. In an unfortunate twist of fate, Master Wong-Wing's seemingly infinite number of precious Ninja-Birds have escaped. Capturing them boosts Bungalow's self-confidence (and Master Wong-Wing's appreciation), so the final verdict will hopefully be in our hero's favor. This is what great ninja masters call "killing two birds with one stone... but not literally".


The D-Pad controls Bungalow's movement accordingly, while the A button makes Bungalow catch a Ninja-Bird whenever the situation arises. The start button, as usual, begins, pauses, and unpauses the game.


Whenever a knife reaches the opposite side of the screen, Bungalow is awarded one point. Catching a Ninja-Bird equals a ten-point bonus. A bonus life is bestowed upon the resilient Bungalow whenever he reaches multiples of 500 points. However, the speed also increases at that time.


Getting hit by a knife kills Bungalow. If he has bonus lives in reserve, he is resurrected by Master Wong-Wing. If not, the challenge ends and Bungalow can hit the showers...not literally.


(See third screenshot) Here is what you'll find during actual gameplay:

7. Tips

Don't fail.


(All sprites turned on)