May 24th 2003

Now here's something new: A diary entry for which I'm not the author! nickofearth sent me some pictures of some fake WWE e-Cards, with a small text that explains how they could be used, and I decided to show you his work. It's a short read, but pictures are worth a thousand words, right? ;-)

Wrestlers on a card!

By nickofearth

The Nintendo e-Reader can be used to sell special e-Reader-enhanced sport trading cards. The WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) could use this to sell cards of their superstars. The front would look like a normal trading card while the back would have instructions on using the e-Reader capabilities.


Most of the trading cards would have a short barcode on the bottom edge of the card that would contain simple wrestler stats or career highlights.

Some cards would actually have barcodes that would need to be scanned consecutively to load both the wrestler's current entrance movie and theme. Or it could possibly be a short movie clip of the wrestler's finishing move.

They could sell the cards in packs of 8 or 10 for $5.00 or less just like normal sport cards. I am sure that pro wrestling fans, myself included, would try to collect them all. Especially since this wouldn't limit it to one sport or one series of cards.