I'll be using this section to share my thoughts and ideas about the e-Reader, and also about this web site. Each "diary entry" below is a different article. I'll be updating this particular section of the site every once in a while, so keep an eye on it. :-)

October 7th 2002: Dear Diary...

October 15th 2002: Mid-game swiping: It's the future!

October 21st 2002: Where's the third-party support?

October 27th 2002: You can't go wrong with the classics!

November 7th 2002: Arcade on a card

November 14th 2002: So anyway, what's next?

November 14th 2002: A letter to Activision

November 28th 2002: A letter to Activision - Update

January 4th 2003: Non-game applications

January 20th 2003: e-Cards: A marketing nightmare

Febuary 8th 2003: I have a dream...

March 9th 2003: My Mario Party-e hands-on report

March 15th 2003: Classic meets high-tech

March 22nd 2003: Third-party e-Cards: Why it may never happen...

March 28th 2003: 2 GBAs + 1 e-Reader = More Fun

April 19th 2003: Did you say "Lego"?

May 1st 2003: Winners of the NES Game Design Contest

May 24th 2003: Wrestlers on a card!

July 1st 2003: The future is... Europe

October 6th 2003: Winners of the Game & Watch Design Contest

December 31st 2003: My review of 2003